Terms of Use

The general Terms of Use set out the rules for using the digital shopping list released by the Coop Cooperative, Thiersteinerallee 12, 4053 Basel (hereinafter referred to as „Coop“), which can be created via the website weneed.ch or the mobile application WeNeed (hereinafter referred to as the „App“).

By installing the App on your device and/or accessing the website weneed.ch as a user, you accept, unconditionally and unreservedly, all the terms and condi-tions of use defined below.

1. Defined terms

„App“ refers to the Coop software released and made available by Coop which ena-bles access to services and is available free of charge in the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store for download onto the user's Apple iOS or Android device. The App also includes content, software, programs, tools (programming, navigation, etc.), databases, documentation and all other components and services of the App, as well as updates and new versions that may be added to the App by Coop. The App is launched in four languages (DE, FR, IT, EN).

„Content“ refers in particular to the structure of the website/App, the editorial content, drawings, illustrations, pictures, photographs, graphic images, brands, logos, abbreviations, company names, audiovisual works, multimedia works, visual content, audio and sound content, as well as all other content available in the App and/or in other com-ponents of the App or website.

„Services“ refers to the different functions and services offered by the website/App. The purpose pursued by Coop is to simplify the creation of shopping lists for users' daily needs by enabling them to simply add and check off predefined generic products as well as their own products. However, it is not intended to enable the uploading of pictures of own products.

„User“ refers to a natural person who is at least 18 years old or who has received permission from their parents or legal guardian, and who has downloaded the App for their own (exclusively personal and non-commercial) use without any direct or indirect intention to profit from this or who uses the website.

„Website“ means the website through which the digital shopping list provided by Coop can also be accessed. It is thus also possible to register and create the digital shopping list via the Website. When the Website and App are used simultaneously by the same User or by several Users, the shopping list is continuously synchronized.

2. Registration

Users can choose to register for the App either on the website weneed.ch or in the App. By registering, Users are able to benefit from further Services, such as sharing shopping lists with other people.

Users can register using their e-mail address.

By registering on the Website or in the App, Users declare that they have read, un-derstood and accepted these Terms of Use.

Registration is not necessary to create a shopping list.

Users are expressly referred to the Privacy Policy regarding the possible use of data by Coop.

3. Profile management

Registered Users are able to manage their user account themselves. The profile picture can be uploaded, edited or deleted by the User directly. Registered Users who have uploaded a profile picture acknowledge that this profile picture is visible to the other Users of a shared shopping list in the App. The profile picture can also be accessed by persons who are aware of its storage location.

Users can delete their user account at any time.

Users can themselves activate and deactivate the function for push notifications in their settings. This function enables them to receive push notifications from the App as well as from other Users who have access to the same list.

4. Exclusion of registered Users

Coop is entitled to refuse the registration of Users on the Website/App without giving reasons or to temporarily or permanently exclude registered Users from using the user account without prior notice, in particular if they violate the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or legal regulations.

Coop reserves the right to block the user account if Users breach this agreement or behave in a way that Coop considers to be inappropriate or unlawful.

If a registered User is excluded, Coop is entitled to delete Content located in the login area without prior notice and irrevocably. Coop also has the right to withdraw from the contract and delete the user account.

5. User obligations

The Website/App is exclusively for private use and may not be used for commercial purposes without Coop's prior written consent.The Services may only be used as permitted by law and these Terms of Use. By using Coop's Services, Users agree that:

  • All of the personal data they provide are correct and up-to-date.

  • They are solely responsible for the activities within their account and for all Content they create under their account (shopping list).

  • Coop does not monitor the Content of the Service, but may, at any time and at its sole discretion, remove any user material from the Service and delete the account.

  • Their registration data refer to their person and may not be transferred to another person or used by another person. Users are responsible for keeping their access data safe. Coop is in no way responsible for any damage caused by unauthorized access to the account or use of the ac-cess data. If users are aware of or suspect unauthorized use of their ac-count, they are obliged to inform Coop Customer Service immediately.

  • Breaching these Terms of Use will result in the immediate termination of their account.

  • Commercial offers, advertising and/or references (e.g. links) to where commercial offers are to be found are forbidden when using our Services.

  • Posts containing propaganda, religious and/or political views or infor-mation that in any way contains or involves incitement to racial hatred, child pornography or pornography are prohibited when using our Ser-vices. Furthermore, Users may not defame, harass or offend other people when using our Services.

  • Users may not upload any images that might be offensive to other Users.

  • Their first point of contact for criticism or feedback on Coop's shopping list or Services will be Coop itself, in order to help Coop improve its Services.

  • They may not transmit and/or distribute files that may damage Coop or the computers or property of others (such as viruses and trojans).

6. Intellectual property rights and other property rights

The content of the Website/App (incl. brands, names, logos, pictures, texts, graphics, programs and digital media objects) belongs to Coop or its partner companies and is protected by copyright, trademark and other property rights. In particular, (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission (electronic or by other means), duplication, modifi-cation, linking and public reproduction, distribution and use for commercial purposes are prohibited without prior written consent from Coop.

The complete or partial transfer or utilization of advertisements on the Website/App by unauthorized third parties is prohibited.

7. Liability

Coop will not be held liable for the completeness, currency or accuracy of the Content (including content imported from other platforms such as FOOBY or Betty Bossi) on the Website/App or for the potential misuse of Content by Users and third parties. This disclaimer also applies to the content of third-party websites that are accessible via links on the Website/App.

Claims for damages resulting from impossibility of performance, breach of contract or culpa in contrahendo and claims in tort are excluded, except in the case of wilful in-tent or gross negligence. Liability for indirect damages and consequential damages suffered as a result of use, service errors or service failure is excluded.

For technical reasons, communication via the Internet is neither secure nor confiden-tial. Coop accepts no liability in this respect.

8. Developments, modifications

Coop reserves the right to further develop, expand, modify or remove the offerings and functions on the Website/App without prior notice, or to stop operating the Web-site/App completely. This may result in user content being adversely affected or irrev-ocably deleted. No claims, in particular for damages, can be asserted against Coop in this respect.

Users undertake not to take any actions which may interfere with the proper working of the Website/App, in particular by not overloading the infrastructure.

9. Final provisions

Coop reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use at any time. By continuing to use the Website/App, Users agree to the amended Terms of Use.Should individual provisions in these Terms of Use become ineffective, the remain-ing provisions will remain valid.The legal relationship between the Users and Coop is governed exclusively by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is either the User’s domicile or the registered office of Coop in Basel.

February 2022