It's never been easier to create and share shopping lists. WeNeed allows you to plan your shopping together quickly and easily. WeNeed is completely ad-free.

The shared shopping list from Switzerland

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With WeNeed, you can quickly create multiple lists, share them with others and work on them together to make sure you never forget anything again. We created WeNeed because many shopping list apps these days are too complicated and full of advertisements. We want to make shopping easier for you again.

The simpler shopping list app

  • Quick add

  • Easy to share

  • Clever design

  • Can also be used offline

"Planning the shopping together has never been so easy"


New: Coop App and

You can now easily share your shopping list with Coop app and users as well.


Add the recipe ingredients of the following partners to your WeNeed shopping list quickly and simply:

Our partners

About us

Our aim is to become Switzerland's best shopping list app. Our team works every day to make WeNeed even better and take a step closer to this goal. We will continue to listen to you, our users, in future too, and take your wishes into account. We promise.

We are continuously developing WeNeed and would therefore be pleased to receive your feedback. Let us know what you like about WeNeed, and what we need to improve. Or do you have an idea for a new function? Contact us here.

We will remain simple
We will remain ad-free
We will remain free of charge
We will remain tuned in

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